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Vineyard Tours

TOUR DATES: June 15 - September 15

Call for tour bookings

PRICE: $10/person

For more info or to book a large group tour call 506 523 9056 or email:

Tour is approximately 45 minutes and includes an educational tour of the vineyard and wine-making area and up to 5 wine tastings.

On our tour we will take you on a leisurely stroll in our lower vineyard by the river. A knowledgeable tour guide will answer your questions and teach you about our unique hybrid grapes, how we started, how grapes grow and what is required to keep them growing and producing at their optimum performance.

Oftentimes you will get to see the bald eagles who nest along the river, soaring above you. These great birds were almost non-existent around here 20 years ago, but have made an extraordinary comeback in recent years and are seen daily here at the winery in the summer months.

We will take you through our wine-making area, to show you where and explain how the wine is made.

Then we will head into the store where you can enjoy 5 wine tastings!

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