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Wine List

We have approximately 20 varieties of cold-climate hybrid grapes. The majority of our grapes are either French hybrids or Minnesota hybrids and we continue to experiment with new varieties to see which grapes grow the best in the north. Hybrids are bred from crossing Vitis vinifera, and focusing on obtaining traits that are able withstand our cold Canadian winters, ripen in a shorter growing season, and be less prone to disease. This is done by careful selective breeding. Wines from hybrid grapes are quickly gaining popularity worldwide, known as the "Modern Varieties," and known for a "clean" taste, and producing crisp whites, and balanced reds. Hybrids are also producing some of the worlds top sparkling wines. Read more on Hybrids HERE.

All prices include HST and bottle deposit.

NOTE that prices here are prices at the winery itself.

Marquette​ 2021

Sugar: 00 Alcohol: 12.75% 750 ml 


Frontenac 2020

Sugar 01 Alcohol: 13.5%  750ml


Acadian Red 2020

Sugar: 01 Alcohol: 12.4% Size: 750ml


River Mist 2019

Sugar: 00 Alcohol: 12.5% Size: 750ml


Serenity 2020

Sugar: 01 Alcohol: 12% Size: 750ml


Mystique 2019

Sugar: 00 Alcohol: 12% Size: 750ml



Country Liberty

Sugar: 02 Alcohol: 12.5% Size: 750ml


Eterno 2017

Sugar: 00 Alcohol: 13% 750ml


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