Richibucto River Wine Estate - Mundleville, New Brunswick, Canada  E4W 2N5 (506) 523 9056
Our wines are made from grapes grown entirely on our property. We have approximately 20 varieties of cold-climate hybrid grapes. The majority of our grapes are either French hybrids (Marechal Foch, Leon Millot, etc) or Minnesota hybrids (Sabrevois, Prairie Star, Raddison, etc) Hybrids are bred from vinifera to obtain traits that are able withstand our cold Canadian winters and ripen in a short growing season.

All prices include HST and bottle deposit.
NOTE that prices here are prices at the winery itself.

DRY REDS                                                                                      PRICES

Marechal Foch
Sugar: 00 Alcohol: 13% 750ml  
(Pronounced Mar-a-shall Fosh)
This dry red wine is a spectacular feast for the senses! 
Our top seller, and previous gold-medal winner, it         $18.50
has a beautiful bouquet, coupled with a full-bodied, 
smooth palate. Pair with red meat, pastas, or cheese!

Sugar: 00 Alcohol: 13% 750ml
Eterno is a blend of Marechal Foch, Sabrevois, and
Raddison grapes. It is full-bodied, has a beautiful
bouquet and complex flavors, and ages well for              $17.50
those who like to keep their wines in the cellar
for a special occasion!

Acadian Red
Sugar: 00 Alcohol: 13% 750ml
Acadian Red is our newest red. A full-bodied, fruity wine,
with an amazing mouth-watering bouquet, and a           $17.50
taste that is unique and will leave you wanting more! 
Pairs well with red meats, pastas, or on its own.


 Petite Pearl  (Limited Quantity)
 Sugar: 00 Alcohol: 12% 750ml
 Petite Pearl is a tiny dark grape.                             $17.50
 Its a dry, full bodied red, and pairs 
 with your favorite pastas or a nice 
 steak or roast.

Leon Millot
Sugar 00 Alcohol 12.75% 750ml
pronounced (Lee-on Mill-Oh)
Leon Millot is a full-bodied wine, 
with hints of raspberry
and cherry. It is very smooth and pleasant to drink,      Sold out
and pairs well with beef stir-fry, steak, hamburgers,
or a medium cheese.


*Silver Medal Winner - All Canadian Wine Championships 2018*
Sugar: 01 Alcohol: 13% 750 ml                                      $17.50
Marquette (pronounced Mar - ket)
Bouquet: dark cherry
Mouth: dark fruit, spicy
Finish: Peppery, long and well balanced
The Marquette is a descendant of Pinot Noir. Its full-bodied and spicy, and has hints of cherry. Pairs well with a steak or pastas. The Marquette grape is somewhat of new variety. We were the first in NB to acquire it, and made our first Marquette wine in 2011. The 2011 Marquette was raved about on CBC Radio by Bob Osbourne of Cornhill Nursery in Petitcodiac, who now carries it as his house wine in his restaurant, and says it over-sells his California Cabernet! The podcast can be found here:

Crimson Red    Limited Quantity
Sugar: 01 Alcohol: 13% 750ml
A blend of Marechal Foch, Leon Millot, and Sabrevois
grapes, Crimson Red is full-bodied, with a complex          $17.50
bouquet. It is smooth to drink, with hints of oak, cherry
and dark fruits. Because of the popularity of Leon Millot and Marechal Foch as single varietals, we will no longer be making this  blend in the future, so make sure to grab a bottle while you can! 

 *Silver Medal Winner - All Canadian Wine Championships 2018*
Sugar 01 Alcohol 13% 750ml
Made from the Osceola Muscat 
grapes the Eclipse is a light, refreshing wine 
with a Chardonnay-likeness.                              Sold out    
Its smooth, floral, and has a long finish
that makes you want more!

River Mist
Sugar: 00 Alcohol: 13% 750ml + 375 ml
Our signature wine, River Mist has won Bronze
medals in the Canadian wine awards 3 years in a   375ml bottles
row. It is a dry white wine, crisp and refreshing.    $8.50   
Hints of apple. Pairs well with salads, light meats 
and seafood, or a white sauce pasta. 

Sugar: 01 Alcohol: 14% 750ml
Mystique is our go-to "seafood wine." This intriguing
white is floral and unique, with a bold taste and      Sold out
a long finish. Enjoy with oysters, crab,
and other seafood, goat cheese, or on it own.

Sugar: 01 Alcohol: 13% 750ml
This popular blend has proved itself several times
in the wine awards competitions, and carries several 
medals from over the years. It consists of five 
different grapes, resulting in                                    Sold out
a complex wine with a beautiful                                
bouquet and unique flavors. It can
be enjoyed with a meal or on its own.

L'Acadie Blanc
Sugar: 00 Alcohol: 12.5% 750ml + 375ml 
Our best-selling white, this dry wine has             $19.50750ml
a fresh, fruity bouquet and a smooth,                  $9.25  375 ml  crisp palate. Pairs well with seafood,
salads, or chicken.


Sugar: 01 Alcohol: 12.75% 750ml + 375 ml
This semi-dry rose is a light, refreshing wine           $16.50 
for the summer! Enjoy with seafood, salads,             
or on its own!    

Radiant Red
Sugar: 02 Alcohol: 12.75% 750ml
A blend of Raddisson and Valiant grapes, this wine is 
unique because it is actually a very dark rose. 
It has a fruity bouquet and a very fruit-forward mouth. $15.50 
It can be served chilled or on the counter. Pairs with pork,
chicken, or a glazed salmon. 
Its also a perfect patio wine on a hot day or in sangrias!
A great wine for those trying to get into reds!


Frontenac Reserve
Sugar: 07 Alcohol: 19% 750ml
Port style wine made from Frontenac grapes.
This is a sweet red wine, fortified and aged with      $23.00
oak. Pairs well with dark chocolate and other               
deserts. Great for an after-dinner treat, an
evening delight or holiday wine.

(Available exclusively at the winery)


High Tide
Sugar: 00  Alcohol: 12.5% 750ml
Made from our Camrose wine, the High Tide is a
delicious sparkling rose that has hints of strawberry.     $19.99
It is an amazing
summer drink, or enjoy with seafood,
especially bacon-wrapped scallops or lobster! Can also
pair with chicken or turkey.

Low Tide

Sugar: 00  Alcohol: 12.75% 750ml
A sparkling white made from our River Mist,               $19.99
the Low Tide is in high demand, but we have a very
limited quantity! You really need to get a taste of this if you
like sparkling wines!